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Get Your Copy of His New Book
Dietary and Lifestyle Choices
and their
Effects on the Body
by Craig Velardi ND MH CHS

In this new book "Dietary and Lifestyle Choices and the Effects on the Body" by Craig Velardi, your eyes will be opened to the reality of life and the realization that you, and only you, have control as the decision maker that can make a difference in your life.

He cautions not to fall into the rut of following society in its traditions, which easily enable you in becoming a “Prisoner of Yourself”. Learn how the effects of poor diet and lifestyle choices can bring you to a point of dis-ease.

Only through freeing yourself of the grips of the media and the misguidance of the marketing world, can you make educated decisions. Why not benefit in living a happier and healthier life through proper dietary and lifestyle choices.

About the Author

Craig Velardi, ND, MH, CHS, received his Doctorate of Naturopathy, Certification as Master Herbalist, and Certification as Health Specialist through Trinity College of Natural Health. He is also a graduate of Grace and Peace Institute of Biblical Studies.

Craig has a private practice in Otsego County, New York where he dedicates his efforts and passion for healthy living towards helping people live a spiritually connected, emotionally balanced, and physically thriving life.

Craig was also a Tai Chi Chuan instructor at Peter Kwok's Kung Fu Academy, Caldwell College adult night school and T & C Dance Company during the late 1970's and early 1980's while living in New Jersey.

Craig and his family have been vegetarians since 1991. He and his family now reside in rural Upstate New York.
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